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AMECSE2016 Conference

AMECSE2016 Conference

Africa and Middle East Conference on Software Engineering (AMECSE 2016) is the second edition of AMECSE conference series. This edition will be organized In-Cooperation with ACM SIGSOFT.

The theme of this edition is the triple helix of OPEN—DEVELOP—INNOVATE, where AMECSE 2016 aims at promoting the interdependence and correlation of openness, development, and innovation to enhance the quality of life and grow the economy of our region.

AMECSE 2016 specifically promotes how the triple helix’s components of openness, development, and innovation integrate to form a Software Engineering ecosystem and stimulate entrepreneurship. Learn More about AMECSE Conferences.

AMECSE 2016 accepted papers will be published in the ACM Conference Proceedings Series. The ACM – ICPS has assigned the ISBN 978-1-4503-4293-3 for AMECSE 2016 proceedings.

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